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Learn how to master the popular card game President with our comprehensive guide. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your strategy, this guide covers everything from setup to house rules, ensuring you’ll be a pro in no time!

What You Need

  • Standard 52-card deck
  • 4 to 7 players (an additional deck may be required for more players)

Who Can Participate

President is suitable for players aged 9 and above. It’s a great game for family gatherings, parties, or any social event where you have at least 4 participants.


The primary objective of President is to be the first player to get rid of all your cards. Your ranks change each round based on the order players went out, aiming for the top position—President.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Starting the First Round

  1. Gather 4 to 7 players: If you have more than 7 players, shuffle a second deck of cards into the pile.
  2. Deal the cards: Distribute the 52 cards one at a time until all cards are dealt. It’s okay if some players have one more card than others.
  3. Initiate play: The player with the 3 of clubs starts the game by placing the card face up in the middle.
  4. Sequence of play: Following the initial play, players take turns clockwise, placing a higher-ranked card or sequence of cards than the previous play. The rank sequence is from 3 (lowest) to Ace (highest).
  5. 2 card rule: Playing a 2 clears the pile, and the player who placed it can start with any card. Note: A 2 cannot be your last card; otherwise, you’ll automatically become the “Scumbag” or “a-hole.”
  6. Matching sets: To outmatch a pair, you must place a higher pair of cards down. If the pile has three 5s, the next play must be a trio of higher cards like three 6s.
  7. Pass if needed: If you cannot play a higher card, simply say “pass.”
  8. Continue until all cards are played: The first person to discard all cards becomes the President, followed by Vice-President, and so on. The last player remaining with cards is the Scum.

Playing Subsequent Rounds

  1. Card trading: The Scum must give their highest card to the President and, in return, receives any card of the President’s choosing.
  2. Start with President: The President initiates play in subsequent rounds.
  3. Ending rounds: Play continues until all cards are gone, determining the new ranks.
  4. Setting a goal: Continue playing rounds and tally the scores. The first to reach 11 points becomes the ultimate winner.

Test Your Skills In A Game Of President Below:

Variations or Alternatives

  1. Creating additional positions: Introduce roles like Treasurer and Secretary for more players. These ranks provide fun and complex dynamics, especially if the President is allowed to create new rules.
  2. Matching pairs rule: Allow a pair (or more) to beat any single card irrespective of its rank.
  3. Matching the rank: You can put down a card that has the same rank as the top card on the pile, effectively skipping the next player’s turn.
  4. Drinking variation: In a social or party scenario, incorporate drinking rules for more fun. The President can command players to take sips, while passing or being skipped also requires a sip.

Tips and Strategies

  1. Save higher cards: Retain high-value cards like Aces and Kings for strategic moments.
  2. Set traps: Use pairs and trios wisely to set up traps for opponents.
  3. Observe others: Pay attention to what cards others are playing to predict their hands.


1. What card starts the first round in President?

2. What happens when a player puts down a 2 card?

3. Who trades cards at the start of subsequent rounds?

4. How many points does the President earn after each round?

5. In the house rule variation, what happens when you match the rank of the previous card?

Interactive Scenario

Imagine you are the Scum in the game, and you are about to start the next round after trading your highest card with the President. You have only low-ranking cards left. How should you proceed?

Question: What’s your best move to avoid being the Scum again?

Answers & Explanations

Option A: This may lead to quick elimination of your low cards but lacks strategy to advance your position.

Option B: This approach is too passive and unlikely to help you rise in ranks.

Option C: Passing too much can leave you with no good plays later on.

Option D: Using strategy to watch for opportunities can help you disrupt the flow and improve your rank.

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President is a versatile and entertaining card game that can be customized with various house rules and settings. By mastering the basics and exploring our tips and strategies, you can enjoy a deeply rewarding gaming experience. Gather your friends, shuffle the deck, and aim for the highest rank!

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